Welcome, Susan


Many a year ago, Susan was wondering what it would be like to be where she is today. In the spectrum of reason, she appeared to dissolve beyond solid comprehension, prior to sliding into the tunnel of reality, visions and sheer hope. In this travel through lapsed time, she encountered many strong beings, all of which helped shape the grounds beneath her. 


You have arrived in a special place. One that requires sincerity and understanding. One that becomes and then evolves. One that sees corners in every circular existence. A place you can call yours simply by being


Welcome. We are proud to present not only our new hideout, but also the mood board which will transform into a community that will guide you by your silky hands into the mindset of what awaits us tomorrow.


For now, we present to you with pride, the Susan x Woody collaboration. And worry not, fellow listener, there's so much more that awaits us.