SUSAN001: V/A - you are the prototype


Who's Susan? Following our starlet from Djibouti to Leiden she keeps bringing certified legitness to you and your crew. The first 12" release, named 'you are the prototype', is a V.A. with tracks by Raär, Axefield and William Caycedo, spanning three different vibe's, all within Susan's comfort zone.

On the A side the killer lo-fi house vibes of 'Santori' meet hypnotic acid bumps in this late-nite party gem, keeping your ears ringing all the way back home. Axefield creates ample room on the B side for his deconstructed synth filled 'SNY' in which Japanese and Jamaican voice samples culminate in just under 9 minutes of bliss. William Caycedo's 'SNY' remix snaps you straight back to the dancefloor, with percussion as crisp as it gets and a baseline as low as it goes, this one has that instant deep gut reaction.

Susan wants you to party a lil'



A1. Raär - Santorïサントリー

B1. Axefield - SNY

B2. Axefield - SNY (William Caycedo Remix)


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