SUDAN001: Doline - Congrats Intention


Carefully compiled, Doline set out to create an EP that tells a story. The journey begins with O-, a wavy welcome. If you close your eyes, you might see numbers, formulas, glasses of smart beings. It looks and sounds like those mathematical equations no one could ever solve, yet the calmness is easily peaceful. It’s one of those tracks that rings in your ears as you reminisce about those days. Before the rupturing bangs and drops and unexpected turns Doline will put you through, this is a pleasant, polite and gentle way to let you linger on into the strangely beautiful journey ahead of you.

Almost immediately, Doline’s intentions become more and more clear. The EP’s title track Congrats Intention is an ode to those romantic strolls you might take with the lover you don’t have. Echoing claps linger as the track unfolds, setting the scenery for the nightly walk past the Seine. Can you feel it already? If not, wait until you hear the accordion grab you by the arm and drag you across towards the glistening lights that pop up left and right. Don’t feel inclined to throw a penny over just because you’re hearing a street-instrument. It’s a glory that pays its respect to the other side of dance music some are scared to touch upon.

You’re halfway through now. Chryséléphantine is not only a prominent sculpture overlaid with gold and ivory, it is a banging track that whistles from start to finish, making the raw drums in the background guide you into nothingness. The vague clarity of the Greek goddess doesn’t stop. It’s quite hard to not bob your head in spastic ways whilst this one pumps through the futuristic gateways of some underground club’s sound system.

The trip ends in simultaneous marching kicks and snares of Capsuleuse, engulfed by the mesmerising drop that suddenly speeds up the tempo into an ecstasy of that Paris nightlife we are all so fond of. The tone is quickly set, as Doline continues to not only shake up our visuals by his allusion to the perhaps lesser known Greek sculpting techniques that are by now long forgotten. But Susan, no, Susan did not forget.



1. O-

2. Congrats Intention

3. Chryséléphantine

4. Capsuleuse


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