SUSAN002: V/A - When She's Sports Casual


It’s like all you ever thought to have known is put into question. Opening with a thumping, rough and sturdy bang, Raär strikes Susan back with a subtle killer that makes you wonder whether your monitors have blown up. Rest assured, they haven’t. Complete distortion but total control.

And then, suddenly, you remember that girl you used to talk to all the time. She’s alone now, and she’s gently whispering in your ears, not knowing what to say. Synths do the rest of the talking, whilst the glittery waves sprinkle in the faraway landscape. When She’s Alone makes you think, it makes you feel like you’re in a room packed with people but every detail surpasses you, almost making you feel like you “weren’t there”. Speak up, because she wants to hear your voice.

The casualness in Sports Casual gives you a moment to take a whiff of fresh air. The xylophonic drops resemble the sweat that slowly makes its way down your freshly ironed tank top. Once you have gathered your senses, you just casually keep running up that hill until you peak. Rick’s tunes are both a motivation and an ode to anyone who has ever doubted the sexiness of hot pants and vintage velour bomber jackets. Combine that with a ‘stache and a pair of sunglasses a mid ’80s porn director would wear and you are the disco ball of all disco balls.

On a completely different edge, it’s the moustache man himself who blesses us with casual, sporty bumpers. Monk Nash never slows down, it just keeps going. Ever been at the gym and felt like you wanted to give up? Rick Sheen will make sure you won’t.



A1. Raär - All I Know All I See

A2. Raär - When She's Alone

B1. Rick Sheen - Sports Casual

B2. Rick Sheen - Monk Nash


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