SUSAN003: DJ Windows XP - Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad


Sometimes you have these dreams in which you’re on that road again. No bumps, lots of sand, and a crisp motor that navigates you to the beginning of time. As the excitement grows, the speed increases - not with memories, but with claps and kicks and snares and then those vocals that hit you hard are like a smooth home run. Well Sometimes is one of those ‘think-about-life’ tunes that rings in your ears long before and after the track ends. Put on those leopard leggings of yours and shift the gears up because you’re in for a treat.

The mountainous road leads you into swirls and twirls as you shift your gears down a bit. You’re nostalgic now, so you light up two cigarettes at a time as Track 39 thumps into your sensitive eardrums. You can hear all the nocturnal animals humming their nightly songs and here you are trying to not turn left or right, but to just go straight ahead. This track encompasses pure focus, with a gloomy aftertaste. Kind of like the iron taste in your mouth after a heavy hangover. But wait, then those juicy synths strike hard as you finally begin to see the light of day again.

You’re getting there, fam. You know you’re on the right road now, so you feel happy about it, but you secretly miss that eccentric, emotional, solipsist experience of the night-ride. No time for that, though. Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad is one hell of a belter. You reset the navigation and are welcomed by the infamous Windows startup tune - absolute classic. Swift shifts towards wavy and aural drops of space. Then those rough snares turn into an ode to Arabic hymns that put you off guard. The fine line between sad and happy emotions almost seem to be at stake now. As the A-side sets out for its final sprint, it’s that intense acid that gives you a boost of energy enabling you to inhale the B-side that has patiently awaited your arrival.

What’s happening to me? We see you wondering. You’re thinking it’s the food you ate or the beers you drank before driving. Or maybe it was that girl you once met. Was it me? Maybe It Was Me sets the tone for the brisk B-side with a sturdy tempo and the recognisable emotion that is so prominent in the duo’s production vibe. The distant howls of this good-looking girl repeat themselves before you dive into another bubbly bath of acid, synths and punchy snares. The liveliness is high on this one and you sense your destination is a known one now.

You can’t act as if none of this was unexpected. This entire journey, this confrontation with the reality that Windows computers might in fact still be ‘the real deal’. You stop at the gas station and buy an apple, just to fully comprehend this insight. You begin to feel good. The room is filled with an orchestra of sounds and is broken down by vocals and lots of open doors. How did it all come this far? Your place of arrival has now been revealed. You’ve driven 90 mph not to visit your friends or family, but to play this record at an unknown club where only the realest is untrue. Don’t act surprised, because let’s be honest, You Could’ve Seen It Coming.



A1. Well Sometimes

A2. Track 39

A3. Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad

B1. Maybe It Was Me

B2. You Could've Seen It Coming


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