SUSAN004: V/A - Pack The Pipe


Calm, raw, kind of gloomy. Twisted, wishful, acidic and just about as pure as it gets. You’ve entered the cave and those melodic rain droplets bump against your balding head. Your sideburns are vibrating as Electric Relaxation fuzzes with your brain. It’s always nice to open a box not knowing what’s inside, right? Fede Lng gifts our Funktion Ones with a well-paced, strangely infused, perfectly sampled EP opener that makes you shift from an uncomfortable sleeping position into one that sinks right into your feathery pillows and warm, shady, eccentric late-night-rave dreams. Now, wipe the raindrops off your forehead, grab your lighter and hit it.

Right. You’re in the bathroom that’s covered with strange graffiti-like “art”. Sturdy beats hitting your body fat. ‘What is this sound that’s so deeply penetrating?’ I see. The right questions are being asked. Are you still holding your lighter? ‘That’s how I would describe it’. Who’s voice is this? Why is it so vibrant? Looking in the mirror you feel urged to run to the floor, stand amid the foamy steam coming from pointy objects leaning against the walls. As the smoke thumps into your lungs you’re struck with this incredibly powerful drop that is so electric you can hear the inner urge to just Shut’em Down, leave the place and be at ease with what you just heard. ‘Never heard anything like it before.’ Fuck yes!

Just as you’re leaving the club this bouncer-looking dude, who’s kind of shady to be honest, approaches you and whispers: ‘wanna join the afterparty, fam?’ You’re hesitant. Who is this guy? Whatever. Ignore the Duality of emotions, get over it and go with the flow. ‘I’ll join’, you say. The tunnel is long, the walls really dark. As you slide into the shadows of the late morning hours, you can hear ‘over you, over you’ repeatedly grow louder as the gates of the infamous afterparty open. The room is decorated in astral-like LCD lights, and there are like seven people hanging around the booth. Everyone else has their eyes closed, cocktail in hand, pants sagging low with one jug of coffee on the bar. Deejay Astral’s input in this club night is insane. The bass-line, the synths, the vocals; they linger. Just as your alter ego lingers in the hours that surpass anyone’s bedtime. Don’t stop, man.

There’s so much energy now. Ready for the next party. Was this a genuine experience, or a fleeting encounter with this guru figure that offers the so-called Metaphysical Therapy? Astral knows. Still got that light? The pipe is pretty packed now, and your dancing shoes are tied well enough to handle another night of glistening madness. Switch on the pirate radio, get the right frequency, forget the engineer and just enjoy the sounds of the top man. The keys and the drops, paired with the other innovations created in the velour studio are a donation to all those that wilfully jumped into this pool of the future.

Susan is content.



A1. Fede Lng - Electric Relaxation

A2. Fede Lng - Shut'em Down

B1. Deejay Astral - Duality

B2. Deejay Astral - Metaphysical Therapy


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