SUSAN005: V/A - Raj


The mud is soaked after the heavy rainfall. It’s stormy but the new car you just purchased is in full automatic mode, cranking up the beats per minute formally unknown to the life of Susan. There are no goggles that will see through the fog; no Granny Smith apple soup that summons the space before you. The wind turbines are blowing right in your face, but the elephant’s memory is better than it has ever been. That’s why DJ Swagger’s Green Waters explores the depth of the past, whilst crisply hovering over futuristic, transformed low-voiced samples that will most definitely build fires with nocturnal creatures. It’s quite safe to admire Susan’s step towards kebab eating binges and standard evening sessions.

The one-forty bpm exploration is furthered by Susan’s very own Axefield, as he encompasses familiar sounds into a setting hitherto unexplored within this realm. As the needle hits the 140 Trak, I begin to see an image of some kind of oil rig, digging deeper and deeper until it reaches the bottom of the sea level, delving straight into the nature and richness of oily oil. Right there, in that instance of discovery, the synthesised odour of recognition jumps right to the top of the surface, similar to a frog that is gasping for air. That frog, however, isn’t the only one in desperate need of oxygen. Our main man Raj was too. But that’s partly because he took a little too much of that good good.

Flip the plate, fam. The B-Side is like waking up on a summery morning, firing up your old school desktop and being welcomed by that sound. You already know what Susan means with this one. And if you don’t, DJ Windows XP’s How Did You Know I Was Here will gently stroke your back until you feel comfortable enough to handle the waves that overflow your burnt coffee can, as the drop comes in like a banana falling upwards because gravity has most definitely now been defied. Raj, we ask you again: how did you know Susan was here?

The strange dream comes to an end as the misty Sketches by Joakim Hellgren whistles kindly in the fleeting distance. If you have ever felt hollow, absorb the tribe-like howls of distorted mumbles, drum claps´┐╝ and an erotic dance between hi-hats. Is that a piano? Who knows. Whistle to the streets and you may pick up every spare penny that rests before you. The 808 business is strong, that’s why it’s not called 807. Stay focussed, because Susan never knows who’s patrolling tomorrow night. In order to stay calm you may ask the right answers to the right questions. Hear now! You surely read that one twice. But the confusion is mildly satisfying, because sometimes life is all but a drawing, or for that matter, the very beginning of it all. The cryptic hieroglyphics make sense to Susan, but that is because she is the only one who at the end of the day truly knows who she is.

Now, Raj, did you have that Monster drink?



A1. DJ Swagger - Green Waters

A2. Axefield - 140 Trak

B1. DJ Windows XP - How Did You Know I Was Here

B2. Joakim Hellgren - Sketches


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