Oh hey there, titty nibblers. It’s been a long minute but we haven’t been sleeping. After having done some research at the SAFE Facilities Centre For Incredible Heat, Utopias & Dog-walking Practices, our conclusions were unanimous: Susan is healthy, and Susan is ripe. Winter is almost coming to an end, and the acetate is being pressed onto warm grooves of desire. Text me later if you want some juicy details on that.

Starting off with the Australian God of ultimate dancefloor destruction, man like Jensen Interceptor (no, not the Grand touring car) has blessed us with some serious fuego entitled EM Damage. Smash on your Technics and hit play, only to be pulled into the ecstasy of strange sounds, calm entries and rude kicks. Translucent embodiments of repetition suck you deeper and deeper into the depths of Australian wild life. Admitted, it’s pretty wild down under, ain’t it? You see, tunes aren’t like timepieces; complications aren’t needed to reach an intended effect. And trust me fam, Jensen knows how to shift gears from one lane to another. Simple, strong, and beautifully compiled to help Susan put on her first dressing layer. Yes!

Stomping our way through the visionary grounds of fire extinguishing lifeforms, it is our long-time lover boy JEANS who explores dangerous territory. Throwing on our astro-suits for this one, the gentle beginnings are strangely satisfying. But being calm can be eery too; and each dance floor maniac will most definitely concur. Stabbing synths warm up the spectrum of icemen as we carefully walk through the Aquatic Lifefrms of Alien Hybrds Evolvd. What the fuck does that even mean? I guess we must let the music speak for that one. ‘The fact that some other civilisations are more advanced than we are’ only means that ‘it exists’. Can we control our destiny? Who are we? What are they up to? Throw on your lawnmowers, pull back the strings and inhale that familiar odour of diesel as the drop smashes you into the darkest corner of the room. Absolute bloody belter that will awake all those that slept.

Now, if there’s still even life on planet Whatever left, you’ll most likely be finding stray dogs that need a good long walk. That’s where homegrown talent Axefield comes into play. Fam, where’s your leash? Be prepared and he shall navigate you to the place you need to go. Footwork is back and we ain’t scared. It’s like one of those CDs that’s been unpolished for years that keeps jumping, creating stuttering vocals of frustration yet a level of satisfaction only some will understand (who still uses a CD anyway). We fucking love it, and hearing the dogs bark means they do too.

Surely, this is another fire EP and always remember: it’s better to be SAFE than sorry. So cop, drop and enjoy the moment.



A1. Jensen Interceptor - EM Damage

B1. JEANS - Aquatic Lifefrms Alien Hybrd Evolvd

B2. Axefield - Slapende Honden


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