SUSAN008: De Sluwe Vos - Trans Magnetic Stimulation


It’s all gotta start somewhere, right? Kicks, claps, whatever. You can have an applause if you try hard enough. To invoke the senses, our brain waves must be active through binary massages. Some even call it a stimulative vibratory influenceable metamorphosis. Others, like Susan’s “De Sluwe Vos”, calls it a Trans Magnetic Stimulation. As the synth kicks in, the tempo appears to speed up. Speed is all you need was this beautiful tagline I read somewhere. Be fast, young soldiers, because the art of psychology is deeper than you’d expect.

Speaking of which, the first ever photograph of the Black Hole was released last month. How wild is that? Homegrown Dexter’s take on the TMS original is a musical depiction of the visual sensation of such phenomenal scientific achievements. Deep, raw suctions slide your mind into the inner circle of the other side of that hole. Yes, YES! There it comes. The gravitational field is, indeed, intense. Once you’re in, we wish you luck radiating yourself out of there. Gloomy vibes that stimulate the senses. Uhu.

Let’s flip the mind around a little. After A comes B - or so we’re told. Alphaeus is like riding a horse carriage through the galaxy of time, dimensions, eternity and, well, ACID. You’re galloping your way through the universe’s fodder, wondering why your GPS ain’t working. We should’ve told you that navigation is relative if all else is unknown. You get what I’m saying? The acidic vibes are welcomed by more kicks. From left to right, you’re floating hard. The club doors have opened and other than stars and time becoming increasingly vague, we don’t spot the Ursa Major or the Big Bear but the newly-discovered Sly Fox. Big tings my man, big tings.

The difference between a kaleidoscope and real-time realisations is non- existent. There’s a reason spacesuits cost over a $1m to make. The defying act of launching only to have to come back down again is a gigantic responsibility for all enthusiasts of this sport. What sports do you play if you produce belters in foreign galaxies? No clue, but Epicus is our train ticket to another destination. Eerily calm yet an underlying (Trans) Magnetic force that can pull all dancers into the life we all aim to live.



A1. Trans Magnetic Stimulation

A2. Trans Magnetic Stimulation (Dexter Remix)

B1. Alphaeus

B2. Epicus


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