SUSAN009: Asquith - Temple Runner


Brisk and brittle dog hounds pump and shift within the boundaries of reason because sentences are relative to acquired taste, knowledge, inspection and invention. Punctuation punctures our visual mind because we punch the vibes in the morning rush between buses and trains and underground vibrations. We run before we jog and we think before we sprint. The season of endless beverages is here and if you look twice into the ocean before you, the Lobsters crawl and enter the Temple to run from the stormy breeze.

Acidic intervals get us lost in the endless thread of adult expectations. We’re fully grown and we aspire to become. The Screws Fix our attempts to comprehend the incomprehensible desire to refrain from doing what is not to be done and to reveal what must be achieved as
musky scents brush past the hair in our noses and the drums in our ears.

Repetition is the door that opens in a revelatory orchestrated encounter with the other side; the side that lingers and brings together a Gang of dogs and enterprises. I have long understood what we are here to do. We are able to communicate with the current situation and the bevs are all but superfluous right now. You know?

In the jungle we reunite and the drums wrap around the bass and as the Tears In The Rain pour down we remember that nature is at its finest when we allow it to do its thing just the way it’s supposed to. We are finally able to sit back and consume, rather than hunt down the hills and become confused.

Ain’t nothing regular degular about this one, folks.




A1. Temple Runner

A2. Screwfix

B1. Gang

B2. Tears In The Rain


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